Plaquemines Parish: BP Oil Spill Operations For May 27, 2010

May 27, 2010

May 27, 2010
The following activities will be performed today by British Petroleum Venice Operations Center:

Yesterday’s operations were delayed and/or cancelled because of several severe
thunderstorms in the coastal area of Plaquemines Parish. Today’s deployment of the below Task Forces may be the same as yesterday’s plan as that Task Force did not deploy.

Task Force P1: Myrtle Grove- 7 vessels, 10 air boats and 16 john boats will be placing sorbent boom in the Barataria Bay area.

Task Force R1: South Pass Inner Bar- 16 vessels, 6 airboats and 1 barge will be deployed to clean up shore line and maintain existing boom material in the area.

Task Force P2: Pilot Bayou- 4 vessels with 9,600 feet of sorbent boom will be placed along the Roseau cane areas of Pass a Loutre and removal of soiled boom material will be done.

Task Force P3: Southwest Pass- 4,000 feet of 18” containment boom will be placed along Southwest Pass, 9 vessels and 1 air boat will be deployed. Contaminated boom material will be removed and repairable boom will be brought to Venice Base Operations Center for repair and re-deployment.

Task Force R2: North Pass- 12 vessels, 5 air boats, 1 barge, 4 drum skimmers and 4 john boats will be deployed to the end of Pass a Loutre replace soiled and contaminated sorbent boom material and skim any existing oil. The Incident Action Plan calls for 3 additional drum skimmers/setups added to this Task Force.

Task Force P4: Breton Island- 2 vessels with 1,200 feet of sorbent boom will deploy to the island to replace soiled boom and maintain existing boom material.

Task Force P5: Southwest Pass, Division 9- 6 vessels will deploy 4,000 of containment boom, remove soiled boom and maintain existing boom.

Tiger Dam Team: 139th and the 538th Regional Support Group from the Louisiana Army National Guard provide engineer missions & support to Venice Staging and Plaquemines Branch Operations. Tiger Dam Team continues laying 7.5 miles of dam material on the east side of Southwest Pass. Approximately 25% is in place.

Deep Water Skimming Assets in Venice: Three 47 foot Skimming vessels and 2 MSRC Skimming System SBS Pontoon Barges are deployed in the area.

Shallow Water Skimming Assets: 5 Marco Skimmers and 2 CGA 249 BBL Storage Barges.

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