Cassidy Statement on Resolution Honoring Workers Who Died At Deepwater Horizon

May 27, 2010

Washington, DC – Louisiana Congressman Bill Cassidy made the following statement in support of H.Res.1347, a bill honoring the workers who perished in the Deepwater Horizon rig accident.

Thank you, Madame Speaker.

On April 20, Louisiana lost eleven fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons at the Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf. Sorrow for their deaths is borne across our state.

As we focus our energies on stopping the spill, it is important that we focus our prayers on the families who are grieving the loss of loved ones. We cannot lose sight of the fact that this incident began as – and is – a painful human tragedy, and I am thankful for all of those in Louisiana who are consoling these families and providing comfort in their time of need.

In mourning their loss, we should also recognize their contributions to Louisiana and the nation.

As this event makes painfully clear, energy security, even at home, is not won easily. The men and women who work on rigs and pipelines endure long hours, tough conditions, and considerable risk to provide us with the energy our nation needs to prosper.

To all of those who make this sacrifice on the nation’s behalf, thank you. And to the families who lost loved ones, our prayers are with you and we are here for you.

I yield back.

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