Video: CNN Reporter on Melancon “I don’t feel this is being overplayed”

May 25, 2010

The LAGOP released a video of Parish President Nungesser Responds to Rep. Melancon Downplaying Oil Spill. According to CNN, the previous day the Democratic candidate for the Senate told CNN that the BP oil spill was being “overplayed a little bit”.

In speaking with Parish President Billy Nungesser, the CNN reporter states his disagreement with Congressman Charlie Melancon and asks Nungesser if he thinks it’s being “overplayed a bit”.

In a CNN Poll, 76% felt that British Petroleum was not doing a good job of handling the oil spill and 54% felt that the Obama administration wasn’t doing a very good job.

We have launched our own poll to find out what you think of the President’s performance on the BP Oil Spill.

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