Plaquemines Parish Town Hall Meetings

May 25, 2010

Parish President Billy Nungesser will host Town Hall meetings Tuesday and Wednesday. President Nungesser wants to identify the top concerns of fishermen at this point—both long term and short term—in order to voice the most important issues as we move forward.

Boothville-Venice Elementary Gym
Tuesday, May 25, 2010
6:00 P.M.

Phoenix High School Gym
Wednesday, May 26, 2010
6:00 P.M.

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One Response to Plaquemines Parish Town Hall Meetings

  1. Carole
    May 28, 2010 at 11:17 am

    Wouldn't it be possible to gather your vast array of airboats and anchor them stern out side by side in the areas where the oil is threatening and allow the prop wash to keep the oil from getting into the marshlands? It could then be collected before it infiltrates the grasses. I think it could even work to drive some of the oil back out of the marshes.

    Just an idea from Missouri. Good luck.

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