Landrieu to Corps: Approve Permit or Devise Viable Alternative

May 24, 2010

Landrieu to Corps: Approve Permit or Devise Viable Alternative

Senator discusses barrier plan with Corps leadership.

WASHINGTON — On a call this afternoon, U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, D-La., urged Assistant Secretary of the Army, Jo Ellen Darcy, to move swiftly to respond to the State of Louisiana’s proposal to construct a sand barrier to prevent further infusion of oil into the marsh.
Sen. Landrieu said:

“I explained to Secretary Darcy that time was of the essence and asked that the Corps move swiftly to respond to Louisiana’s barrier proposal. It is clear that booms are not working in most areas of coastal Louisiana. And we know that cleaning up oil from a sandy beach is a lot easier that extracting it from the fragile maze of wetlands along our coast. If we had healthy barrier islands, this spill may not be as catastrophic for Louisiana.

“I understand the plan that the State of Louisiana has submitted is challenging, but failure is not an option. If the State’s proposal is rejected, we need to know why and we must work together with local officials to quickly find a targeted approach that can protect our wetlands. Secretary Darcy assured me that the Corps is working very hard on the permit and potential alternative measures to protect Louisiana’s coast from this unprecedented disaster.”

Yesterday, Sen. Landrieu joined other members of the Congressional Delegation in sending a letter to the Corps and U.S Coast Guard urging that the permit be approved swiftly.

For a full copy of the letter, please visit:

Ms. Jo-Ellen Darcy, the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works), establishes policy direction and provides supervision of the Department of the Army functions relating to all aspects of the U.S Army Corps of Engineers’ Civil Works program. These responsibilities include programs for conservation and development of the nation’s water and wetland resources, flood control, navigation, and shore protection.

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